Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Can't See Me

In fact, nobody will. It's on a public-facing blog... but it's as secure as my underwear drawer. I could spill the beans. I could post all my darkest secrets. But this blog is as secure as a nuclear facility (or may as well be).

The reason is that nobody cares. Why does nobody care? Because there are millions and millions of these shouting voices all over the internet, and everybody's opinion counts (in their own heads). Because of this, there's no way to raise one's voice over the din without a tremendous amount of work or without some extra added value.

So if I offer something of value besides just my opinion, there's a chance this voice can be raised.

But again... nobody cares. If I want them to care, they have to care about something that I can offer them (or that they hope I will give them). This blog could hold the secrets of the universe; but because it's written in the same medium... the same template... the same pen as everyone else... it will be tuned out just like everyone else's.

So what this blog is is my personal revelations and journal, basically. 

Again... all my thoughts for free, and nobody's buying. Just me. And I've had enough of it already.

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