Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Modus Operandi

Maybe this will inspire you to organize your drawing work and approach to study. Thought I'd post this, though, to commit myself to it and to have it as a constant reminder.

"COOL PIC" == Something I like that is also challenging. There must be some drawing problems to solve.

DRAWING CHALLENGES  (hard drawing problems)
  • Compositions with many characters, each in compelling action/storytelling poses. The poses and characters should be related to one another
  • Working out all panels on a comic book page in less than a frickin year/month/week (too slow!)
  • Shapes (of bodies, etc) need to read in all cases
  • Mens wing tip type shoes (w/the soles) from all angles
  • When there is free time, get to work!
  • Open an unfinished work and start tweaking it or trying to finish it. There's less of a drawing challenge here. This forces me to keep working. Possibly I'll get inspired to work on more things
  • Decide what I am putting off and why. If there's a reason, write it down in the DRAWING CHALLENGES list
  • Doodle with 3D/depth in mind. Don't just scribble.
  • Tumbling box exercise
  • Spiraling circle exercise
  • Do sphere gestures in charcoal (real media)
  • Loomis/Bridgman/Mattesi/Hampton   (2 solid studies a day... morning? If not, then evening! Fill a page!)
  • Master Studies (from Disney or personal contour) (1 a day)
  • Having 2 to 3 "cool" pics in the pipeline, but not many more! If you have 4 or more, finish at least one.
  • Animating something at least three-times a week (every other day). Build up to every day.
  • Sketching people (when there's an opportunity)
  • Posing a character. Do a full turn-around.
  • For every study you do, starting a new "cool" pic and get it as completed as you can the first night
  • Posting to CA.org and CGS/Chang for feedback and crit if possible
  • Portfolio full of product parodies
  • Quickly/successfully put out pages for my series B****B***.
  • Fulfill old goal of becoming SW****** and ...
  • Be able to animate something in a reasonable amount of time
  • Work on my Tom & Jerry animated parody
  • Work on my ultra parody of ________
  • Swiftly and successfully pull off the tutorials for the FIS and other sections
  • Support people in FIS and other sections.
  • Quickly do new FIS work
  • Redo all my good ideas from the past and make them much more successful

Work on hard drawing problems daily!


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